The Lovely Betz White And Dave White

P1010599One of Tula's amazing quilts. She uses a double layer of wadding to get that 3D thing going on strong!Bari's booth swiftly became the (even more) sassy booth when filled with longchamp bags these mouthy ladies. Left to right: moi, Bari, Valori Wells, and Jona. If only you knew what we were all saying when the camera went click, clue: it wasn't "cheese"! P1010671 Ahh so cute I can't take it! Goodies from Oliver & S's new lovely Betz White and Dave White. They both taught me how to make a bird nest brooch. They are ace teachers! I dig your bag and shoes Betz!The amount of work that went into creating booths was astounding. There were captivating displays everywhere you looked! The girls from F&W Media.My publisher (David & Charles based in Devon, UK) is an imprint of F&W Media (a USA company). This means that D&C & F&W constantly work closely with each other.

It was such a treat to meet and longchamp outlet work with some of the American team - who were really friendly and consummate pros! Left to right: Christine from Cinci, moi, and Barbara from NY. Thanks for taking good care of me guys!This is a bag made by my friend Cheryl of Paradiso Designs. I had to take a pic because I couldn't believe that this was a handmade bag. Very talented and kind woman. She'll go far!Kay Whitt (author of Sew Serendipity, and we both write for the same publisher) is cute as a button. She's a talented sewing live wire and as gorgeous as she looks.I hope you enjoyed the show. Thanks fer lookin'! Who are your designer faves and what fabric ranges are you looking forward to most? This fresh as a daisy looking market bag has a lovely pistachio green and sky blue graphic leaf print on wide weave linen with pistachio green linen trim and lining. Roomy in size, this bag is great for a trip to the shops. The Longchamp Le Pliage Messenger Bag Taupe bag is fully interfaced to make the bag both soft and durable. The wide arch bamboo handles are slightly thicker to make them stronger and comfier to hold.