Will Stereoscopic 3D Movies Last Long Enough?

Whether you are a big movie fan or not, there is no denial in the fact that 3D movies are making a huge business these days. Since past 3-4 years film studios are looking to cash in greater amount of business by switching onto the 3D marathon. The debate between the film professionals, critics, media and movie lovers is constantly heating up. However, no one has ever come up with any appropriate conclusion yet stating that whether 3D films are better or the traditional 2D. Some says that 3D is just a passing fad as it was started earlier back in 1983 with Jaws 3. But some says it is the future of cinema. So considering yourself as a big movie fan or perhaps not what is your opinion - has 3-D already settled with it's welcome or has it already settled to be the pillar of our future film watching experience?Before we move on let's get a clear idea about the type of 3D that we are talking about. We are not referring to the computer generated characters which had created a revolution in special effects between the late 80's and early 90's.

In fact, with modern movies we are relating to the term stereoscopic 3D. Stereoscopic 3D is the technology that creates illusion of images with actual depth as opposed to a 'flat' image. This technology was unknown until the James Cameron's movie 'Avatar' high the theatres. It's been just 4 years since the release of the movie, however soon film industry in Hollywood had soon adapted the methodologies. Now, every other film is looking for a chance wherein they can get the benefit of stereoscopic 3d. But for those who are thinking that stereoscopic is a new technology, well it's not true. The early experiments on stereoscopic 3D started way back in 1800's, the technology was honed, accepted and improved a lot over the past couple of decades. It has now reach at the point where most of the film makers, producers, directors, animation and video game companies prefer to use such technology and considered it to be the future of movies, animation and video games.As stated earlier, there has been two sided debate going on related to 3D. There are many who believe 3D is a passing trend just as same as it was earlier in 1980's wherein there were number of 3D films that required viewers to watch the movie by wearing the old style red and green 3D glasses.

Most of the arguments related to movies at that time were about the prices as the ticket prices of those films were lot higher than expected. Most of the movie lovers prefer to wait for the video release and watch it in a traditional 2D rather than spending huge expenses on the tickets.On the other hand with modern stereoscopic 3D films, most of the film makers are not using the technology at its best. Ultimately, they are unable to produce the stunning 3D movie as it should be. Besides, for those film makers who focus more on the effects lacks with the story line.In the end, a lot of people now understand that there are good 3D films and bad 3D films.Finally to conclude looking at the current popularity of 3D contents including the availability of 3DTV's, 3D videogames and of course 3D movies, it's inevitable to say that stereoscopic 3D movies will stick around a way longer than expected.